Rugby World Cup 2019

'Off the Bench' - the Finals Experience!

Take an extraordinary tour to Japan where the culinary and travel experiences are just as important as the Rugby experiences!

Designed by OneNineFive in partnership with All Blacks Tours (ABT), ‘Off the Bench’ is an unforgettable culinary, cultural and sporting experience to Japan.

To view the full trip itinerary and the trip cost, click here:  Off the Bench Itinerary

‘Off the Bench’ was first delivered at Rugby World Cup 2015 and hosted by Greg Norris from OneNineFive & New Zealand Chef Al Brown.

‘Off the Bench’ kicks off with four nights in Tokyo where you will attend both Semi-Final Matches, and experience a number of hand-picked authentic culinary and cultural experiences with a small group of like-minded travellers.

After four days in the hustle of Tokyo, it’s ‘halftime’ – and a chance to recharge and explore an area of Japan far removed from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and the Rugby World Cup. 

After a fantastic four nights away at a destination hand-picked by us for it's excellent accommodation and superb culinary and travel experiences, you will travel back to Tokyo for the final two games – the Bronze Final and the Grand Final, again with Category B tickets.  

Along with the games, you can expect and some 'finals fun' and more unique experiences that tour organisers OneNineFive are renowned for.

‘Off the Bench’ is designed with a perfect mix of creativity, accuracy, a healthy hit of spontaneity and enough free time to ensure you can tick off some of your own hit-list.  

Don't miss out. Limited spaces available.

To view the full trip itinerary and the trip cost, click here:  Off the Bench Itinerary

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